Mad Scientist Problems



Here is my first single panel comic.  Each object was drawn separately, scanned and assembled into the box.  I colored it in Photoshop using twenty different values of grey.

At first I envisioned  the project as a single panel strip but too many of the jokes I thought up really called for more panels.  A 13 x 4 three panel can easily be drawn as a single panel.  It’s just very widescreen.  This comic drawn in Cinerama!

I hope to have enough drawn to go to press by next the middle of next year.

Horrors At War

Last year I wrote a very bare bones outline for my next project, Horrors at War.   The whole thing has been bugging me and bugging me.  Now I have not choice but to write.  So what am I doing now?  Well, I’m thickening up the outline and starting to gather research materials.  Some people like to write by the seat of their pants.  They are going along for the ride with their own work.  Oh, how I wish I could write like that.  I have to outline in successive passes before I can even get into the meat of the writing.  It’s less like creating and more like crafting.

So what’s Horrors at War going to be about? Well, if I told you that, I’d be spoiling the surprise.   If you’d like a taste of my work, check out Plans 1-8 from Outer Space on Amazon.

Presquels, Sequels and Remakes


I talk about the most recent iteration of The Thing and compare and contrast it with both Carpenter’s 1982 film and Howard Hawks’ 1951 original. Check it out

More New and Reviews


Head over to the Midnight Monster Show! I talk about Iron Sky, The House that Dripped Blood, The Cabin in the Woods and some news about War of the Worlds :The True Story.

Also, I posted some stuff on my personal blog at

I have several short stories in the works and Mad Scientist Problems.

Three New Articles at the Monster Show


There are some new reviews at  Midnight Monster Show including: The Cabin in the Woods, Nazis at the Center of the Earth and The Revenant.  I had a writing-gasm.  Also: I’m sketching out to new stories that will hopefully be published in the next year.  One is a truly fresh and horrific take on the zombie apocalypse.  I have a really great title for it, but I’m keeping that to myself for now. The second story is a 1950’s B movie monster movie tale tentatively titled War Gods of Atlantis.

Also, I am still drawing sprites and writing gags for Mad Scientist Problems.  I hope to have something ready to roll in time for Halloween.

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